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Virtualisation: A True Business Enabler

Virtualisation is seen by VMXperts as a strategic catalyst that facilitates enterprise adoption, bringing about business alignment and optimising opportunities. It is not just about technology though, it is also about influencing strategy and enabling the business in a competitive environment that with virtualisation as a catalyst, will see the evolution of the enterprise infrastructure assisting IT in moving away from being a “support” structure to becoming a key centre of innovation promoting business growth and generating revenue.

Consultative Process – analyse, understand, identify, plan, migrate and review

VMXperts has developed a consultative process through the adoption of proven methodologies that encourages customer involvement in every step of the engagement process and firmly believes in IT Transformation that is aligned to optimising the business as a whole. During the iterative process, a roadmap is produced that reflects the understanding of the clients needs and the goals to be achieved by the engagement. VMXperts has seen that good technology combined with a bad design ends in failure.